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Eviction Vacate Notice

There is a 3 step process to a proper eviction.

 So you have finally had enough and you have decided it is time to evict this headache from your life. Good for you.

Time to take action: This is the first step in the eviction process and it must be done correctly. Mess up one simple thing and if the judge notices it, your eviction suit comes to an immediate halt. Even worse if the defendant has appeared in court a judgment will be issued in their favor. You  just lost all of your back rent, and you cannot begin the eviction process again until the tenant is late another time.  We are in court every day and we see this happen to poor landlord’s way too often, who are trying to handle the eviction process themselves. Sadly the damage is done. All we can do is give them our card and ask them call us when the next rent check never arrives.

 One of the three proper vacate notices must be served depending on the reason for the eviction, that to advise the tenants, squatters or past owners of what lies ahead in the immediate future. This notice is required by law. It must be met and cannot be overlooked.

Now they know you are serious and we have their attention as you have hired a 3rd party to motivate them to pay up or get out. If they choose not to pay now, odds are high they never will. They will ride the train of free rent for as long as they can and take every penny from your pocket that you will allow.

Let us serve the proper vacate notice for you, Let us be the bad guy. Let us take the risks, as there is always a chance that you can encounter hostile tenants. Some people are not always friendly when they are being evicted.

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