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We are the premiere turnkey eviction service. While we specialize in Eviction Services, our one-stop turnkey service include: Eviction Services, Trash-out, Home Repairs, Move-in and Move-out Cleaning. We can also provide Property Management Services, and We Buy Properties as well. (commercial and residential) We are currently serving all of Houston Texas, Harris County, Fort Bend County, Galveston County, and Montgomery County. Rather than search around for every contractor and deal with multiple headaches, we offer everything you need to get your rental property ready for a quick sale, or your next tenant.

The Eviction process can be a costly and expensive process for anyone that is not trained and experienced in the ~exact~ step by step procedures.If each step is not followed exactly, all your efforts will be discarded by the local judge and the whole time consuming process will start all over again, you can lose any back rent owed, and now you have to wait for the trouble tenant to be late again! Don't chance draining your mental health and bank account of your hard earned money. With all of the added costs and issues that have immediately fell upon your lap, possible Tenant Hostility while serving the proper Vacate Notice, Monthly Mortgage Note, Lawn Care, Home Repairs, Home Cleaning, Advertising, Real Estate Agent Commissions, Court Costs, the list can go on and on and on until you wonder if the pain will ever stop!

Are you really willing to give them one more month of non payment and pay for their free ride? We will be more than happy to handle this arduous eviction process for you with the 3 steps that are required in the state of Texas to bring a legal eviction all the way to fruition.

See Below for the Eviction Process Steps


Step 1. Vacate Notice


All proper notices are served to the trouble tenant or squatter you wish to evict.
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Did you tenent work the system and file an appeal? Relax We Got This
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Houston Eviction Trash-out and Make-ready ServicesEviction In Houston's Trash Out services will remove debris from Eviction & Foreclosure properties. All Non-Hazardous items (yard debris, household items (junk), remodeling debris, cabinets, shrubs, and general misc. trash.) that have been left by former tenants or owners will be hauled away. Read More...

Step 2. File for eviction

After the appropriate notice has been served to the trouble tenant and you have not received your money it is apparent they have no desire or capability to pay you. We will then file the petition for eviction in
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Sell Your Property

If you have found yourself saying this and you have decided that being a landlord is no longer right for you. If you no longer wish to baby-sit your tenants and hear all their excuses and

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Home Repairs

Houston Eviction Home Repair ServicesDid the trouble tenants or past home owners make the home lose it’s luster? Does the property need new Carpet, Sheetrock, or Painting? Please let us us know if this is the case, We have a quality rehab crew that is experienced with almost any problem a home owner could face. Read More...

Step 3. Go to court

We will attend the court date for you, at the hearing; we will have to present evidence to show that you are entitled to possession of the premises and get the judgment rendered by the judge. Generally
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Property Management

If you need dedicated management of your residential or commercial property, we can help you achieve the highest results and ensure that you are receiving the full benefits of

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Move In/Out Cleaning

Houston Eviction Home Cleaning and Make-ready ServicesWe are sure you know that a professionally cleaned home can significantly improve its value when you’re ready to sell it. We offer an outstanding cleaning service specifically designed to allow your home to reflect its full value. As landlords we know what value such a small investment will. Read More...

Writ of Possession

Writ of Possession - If you have won your suit in Court, and the mandatory five day appeal period has passed, and the other party is STILL in the premises, We must file a Writ of Possession in Court

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